Visit us at aeru gojo- our cozy home in Kyoto(100年佇む、昔ながらの京町家にあるaeru gojo)

Hello, my name is Mayu.
I’m working at this shop “aeru gojo” which is placed in Kyoto, Gojo.
kyoto machiya

“To connect Japanese traditions to the next generation.”
This is aeru’s mission since we started out as the Japanese traditional brand.
Do you know what “aeru” means?

Aeru is a Japanese word that can be loosely translated into “mix” or “blend” or in other words, to put together two or more things. But it is not just mixing. There is a nuance that by mixing it, you can create something new and better, although the qualities remains of the both elements!
At our shop, you can meet our “”aeru” products. A innovative, functional and stylish daily products made with the Japanese traditional craftsmanship.

Be mesmerized by the classic architecture and interior design of the 100-year-old traditional town house of Kyoto. You can here the clicking sound of the ancient clock that has lived in this house for 60 years.
Also you can enjoy the refreshing scent of the woven rush when you enter the shop.
Where does it come from? We have tatami mats, which is a mat that traditional Japanese-style rooms have. It is an ideal material for floors in Japanese houses as the humidity is relatively high all year in Japan. Please touch it and have a picture!
kyoto machiya

We would be happy to tell how Japanese traditional craftsmanship, Japanese culture is beautiful and interesting.
We will offer you a soothing experience and nostalgic warmth of a traditional Japanese family. Feel free to drop by! Looking forward to seeing you!

aeru gojoホストシスターの中川です!

京都の街に100年佇む昔ながらの京町家に、aeruの京都直営店『aeru gojo』はあります。


親戚や、お友達のお家に遊びに行くような気持ちで、どうぞお気軽に『aeru gojo』に遊びにいらしてください^^

『aeru gojo』ホストシスター 中川


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